Turning-milling on CNC machines

токарно-фрезерная обработка

Turning-milling on CNC machines is performed by the Research and Development enterprise “Centr Tochnoi Mechaniki”. Turning-milling on CNC machines is performed on high-precision Japanese equipment by highly technically trained professional engineers , subject to modern technical requirements for processing.

What is turning-milling on CNC machines?

Turning-milling is considered to be the most complex type of metal processing as it combines turning and milling operations simultaneously. Modern high-tech machining centers that combine these types of processing, are indispensable in the manufacture of products that meet the requirements of quality, labor and production efficiency. Machining centers are devices that perform a large number of functions simultaneously. Processing is carried out on CNC machines in thethree-, four-, five-axis mode with cutting tools of world brands.

Sizes (dimensions) of workpieces

Maximum diameter — 400mm

Length — 1000mm

Processable materials

  • Non-ferrous alloys
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium alloys
  • Refractory and high temperature resistant alloys
  • Polymers

Types of manufactured products

  • Custom complex designs
  • Special fasteners;
  • Bushings, studs, rods, axles;
  • Fittings, tees, adapters, caps, plugs;
  • Core members, cages, frames;
  • Body rotation frames, shafts.

Production capabilities

Turning-milling operations are carried out on OKUMA and MAZAK multifunctional machining centers which are recognized brands in the area of high-tech processingwhich guarantees high quality finished goods. This equipment under the control of highly technically trained engineers allows you to perform ultra-precise and ultra-fine processing.

High production and processing speed, the ability to produce stock-produced items and piece works of impeccable quality, are the main competitive advantages of the “Centr Tochnoi Mechaniki” company. The ability of developing a technological process and a control program for CNC machines allows NPP “CTM” to put products of any complexity into production. The Research and Development enterprise “Centr Tochnoi Mechaniki” performs turning-milling on CNC machines with high accuracy, as well as other types of high-precision metal processing. Large enterprises, small and medium businesses are invited to cooperate.