Plated coating

The Research and Development enterprise “Centr Tochnoi Mechaniki” performs plated coating of metal products to your request. High-quality plated coating will significantly increase the service life of the product by improving its performance characteristics.

What is plated coating?

Plated coating is the process of applying a thinnest metalic film when subjected to the action of an electric current by separating metals from a solution of their salts.

Types of coating

Chrome plating — Chrome plating is a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal. Object which provides protection from the effects of many alkalis and acids and increases wear resistance. The chromed parts have increased reflectivity and they are decorative.

Galvanising — Galvanising is the process of applying a protective zinccoating to metal products to protects items from atmospheric environment, underwater and underground corrosion. The thickness of the coating depends on the further use of the product and is due to the technological process.

Nickel plating — Nickel plating iis used mainly with copper underlayer. for decorative purposes. Multilayer nickel plating of parts is performed. Copper, tin, silver coatings and anodic oxidation are less frequently used, since they are more specific and less common in our production.

Main purpose The main purpose of electroplating is to protect the product from corrosion and to give it a decorative appearance.

The coating can change the quality characteristics of parts such as electrical conductivity, magnetic properties, etc.

Particularities of application technology

Low toxic components are used so it is environmentally friendly, The plating is ductile, thickness is 6-15 microns with good adhesion of the surface. It is possible to obtain colorless zinc coatings that are competeing in their protective properties with rainbow chromate passivation coatings.

It is difficult to find an industry where plated coating would not be applied to products.

The Research and Development enterprise “Centr Tochnoi Mechaniki” performs plated coating in accordance with the technological process of your order.

The high-precision equipment of OOO NPP “CTM” running under highly technically trained specialists allows us to fulfill your order perfectly and within the established time limit.